JUNE 21-22 | PORTLAND

  • You know what you need to do and you don’t do it.


    Showing up for yourself, your life, your business, your purpose is so much easier said than done. It’s actually scarier than the internet makes us think it is.


    Being visible and showing up consistently is an art, a sport and a habit, one that requires courage, vulnerability, strength, self compassion and grace for whatever comes.



  • A Unique 2-Day Experience to transform your fears of Visibility & Showing up into massive personal power & lasting confidence in business, work, love & life.


    What’s Unique About it?!


    • The event was conceived by Maru & Rachel in the MOST outrageous serendipitous quantum way we KNEW it was meant to be, wait ‘til you hear about it!
    • The energy of the event is being curated from start to finish. Everything is hand-picked to make sure everything supports a magic experience and your transformation.
    • It’s NOT a pitch fest. There won’t be sales pitch after sales pitch. We REALLY are ALL there for your healing and transformation.

    • No fluff. All the speakers are REAL, RAW and are positioned to help set you FREE from your fears and stories that are holding you back.

    • The event is at a TED Style venue that has the best coffee in Portland (we’re biased)

    • Think of it as a retreat, just with a few more people in a gorgeous theatre.


    Listen, there’s plenty of wonderful events out there in the world. The only problem is that most of them are concerned about making their money back and worried about making more money


  • SHOW UP Live is perfect for you if:

    It's intimidating to show up and be visible because so many people have stronger voices than you.

    • You procrastinate a lot and usually it's due to overwhelm and not knowing where to start.
    • You don't take action consistently due to lack of clarity, focus or self-discipline.
    • Overwhelm is a b*tch. It's hard to imagine someone handling everything well: business, work and life.
    • Accumulation of things to do leads to overwhelm which then leads to shut down and paralysis so you don't do much and feel stuck.
    • You feel like a frames or not ready therefore you're in a perpetual cycle of postponing action... 
      You get the point.

    Is this YOU? Do you need a supportive environment and circle of friends, mentors and kick-in-the-ass action people to help you get out of your own way and into ALIGNED ACTION LANE fast?


    • It's to time to go Travelocity, Expedia, Airbnb, call the nanny and book your trip.

    SHOW UP Live is happening in Portland, Oregon on June 21st & 22nd on summer solstice y’allll…. Summer solstice is the magical time of year when the most amount of light enters the earth and that’s where 100+ souls will be gathering to heal, transform and free ourselves from what’s kept us from not being as consistent, transparent, powerful and authentic as we really ARE!


  • "How you choose to show up magnetizes what shows up for you"

  • Show Up!

    Like you, we believe in the Law of Attraction, the power of the mind, in yoga, saging, energy work, prayers and ALL to help you move forward in life FAST. We, however, also believe that SHOWING UP & BEING VISIBLE is where it’s AT.  

    The only problem is … we have a PRIMAL & GENERATIONAL Instinct that make us shrink, hide, stay close to our tribe, and NOT SPEAK UP.


    Think about these facts:

    • Women have only been allowed to vote in the U.S for less than 100 years.

    • Women weren’t allowed to get a credit card in their name, only under their husband’s name until 1974.

    • It wasn’t until 1980 that men and women started to attend college in equal numbers. Until then, it was mostly men.

    • Before 1978, women could be fired if they were pregnant.

    Generationally, we are the nurturers, the child bearers, the givers, doers and the ‘glue’ the holds the tribe together. If we are to depart and intend to shift from the status quo we can be: judged, attacked, criticized or rejected.


    It’s not all just in your mindset, there are actual reasons, facts and biology that keep us in our natural state of being close to home and what feels comfortable and status quo.


    Join us for this 2-day experience where you will intellectually UNDERSTAND and have COMPASSION for the reasons why you don’t show up and you’ll also EMBODY being comfortable in the spotlight.

  • You ALREADY have in you all that you need, you just need the right environment to break out of your fears, the right people to support and a little push to JUST DO IT.   The trainings, the credentials, the certifications are all phenomenal. None of those matter if you are still waiting to SHOW UP.

    "You don’t heal before the Spotlight, you heal IN THE SPOTLIGHT."
    -Sean Smith
    So many people think they’ll prepare to be in the spotlight and get rid of all their fears before they get there and that’s just simply NOT how it works.  The spotlight will heal you more than all the energy work and training will!
    "Stop over preparing for what you were born to do." -Maru
    You’re MEANT to be there if you’re reading this that is FOR SURE.  



    Entry into both value packed days
    and the after-party on Saturday night!

    Event Admission + General Seating + After-Party = $147
    or (2 tickets) for $247

  • Maru & ​Rachel

    Each held annual power-house events for their tribes until one day in 2018 their worlds collided in the MOST serendipitous way, and SHOW UP LIVE was born! Wait ‘til you hear the story.  

    Meet Maru

    Founder - Infinite Receiving Live

    International Speaker and Transformational Coach

    She can't believe she's made it this far without knowing how to make oatmeal or pick up after herself! She said it herself.

    Dinners with Oprah, or speaking on stage with a rocket scientist in Luxembourg (yes, both really did happen) and she's still the same. Down to earth, tries to be funny and break down complicated universal concepts so even a skeptic can understand.

    Authentic, real, and knows how to show up.. with or without make up!

    Meet Rachel

    Founder - Spark Event

    CEO/Founder of SPARK Events and O'Rourke Media

    She's the energizer bunny in human form - an expert in transforming ideas into action with a high level of energy and enthusiasm.

    She's a marketing expert, a celebrity schmoozer, and superstar in the art of reinventing herself (which she has done plenty of times).

    Authentic, real, Rachel knows how to show up... with or without heels!


  • Show Up or Shut Up...

    Are you ready to Show Up?

  • VIP Mastermind Day

    Ready to go deeper? Maru and Rachel will be hosting an exclusive VIP mastermind day following the event on June 23rd.

    This is a small group experience that nourishes the soul, spirit, body, and mind. Expect deep conversations over a much needed day of rejuvenation. We will begin by taking a private bus to the Columbia River Gorge and hike throughout the stunning trails, meditate beneath waterfalls, and picnic over breath-taking views. The day will conclude by gathering over a privately catered exquisite dinner in the city.


    Investment: Event Admission + VIP Seating + After Party + VIP Experience = $699

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